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Speciatto Roaster

SPECIATTO is a high technology conventional roaster with great performance and fine precision. It is ideal for roasting specialty coffees.

SPECIATTO is equipped with a touchscreen control panel that allows the operator to program and control its roasting variables in an integrated software. Which is a must for processes standardization and coffee quality consistency.

The equipment comes with a built in system that enables controlling the degree of conduction and convection during the roast. SPECIATTO is available in a 2 kg per batch version.


CAPACITY - 0,5 kg to 2 kg per batch
ROASTING TIME - 12 to 18 minutes
CONTROL PANEL - Touchscreen panel with automatic controls of temperature, drum speed and flow of air
ROASTING SOFTWARE - Compatible with roasting software
FINISHING - Stainless steel and electrostatic coating
GAS TYPE - Natural or propane gas

Iron base is an optional item

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