Roaster Laboratto

LABORATTO is a versatile sample roaster used mainly for specialty coffees analysis.

LABORATTO roaster stands out for its efficiency for coffee cupping as it offers high precision in sensory analysis. It has digital temperature displays, gas pressure display, gas flow control, independent flow of air in each barrel, cyclone for coffee chaff, and stainless steel and bronze structure. LABORATTO is available in versions of 2, 4 and 6 barrels with a capacity of 120g each.

LABORATTO enables the creation of several roasting profiles for the same coffee sample, used in sensory analysis (SCA standard), and it enables the replication of coffee profiles in large scale.


CAPACITY - 120g per barrel
ROASTING TIME - 10 minutes
CONTROL PANEL - Independent air flow in each barrel
ROASTING SOFTWARE - Compatible with roasting software
FINISHING - Stainless steel and bronze finishing
GAS TYPE - Propane gas

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